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2016 Winner Elissa Rodkey

The 2016 Cheiron Young Scholar Award goes to Elissa Rodkey, PhD in the History and Theory of Psychology at York University, Toronto, and Assistant Professor of Psychology at Crandall University, Moncton, NB, Canada, for her paper “’Very Much in Love’: The Letters of Magda Arnold and Father John Gasson.” The Award Committee is particularly impressed by her incorporation of new primary sources, her analysis of the significance of the friendship and scholarly collaboration that developed between Arnold and Gasson in the 1950s, and her discussion of the interplay of religious belief and the development of psychological theory. The Award Committee also makes Honorable Mention of Kimberly Probolus, graduate student in the Department of American Studies, George Washington University, for her paper “Intentional Tests or Intelligence Tests? Legal Challenges to Racial Discrimination in Massachusetts Civil Service Officer Selection, 1967 – 1973.” The Committee thanks Dr. Rodkey, Kimberly Probolus, and ten others who submitted their papers for our consideration. All of these manuscripts were thought-provoking and carefully researched, thus making our decision particularly challenging. We hope that these and other qualified young scholars will continue to submit their work for our award.

–2016 Cheiron Young Scholar Award Committee

Barbara Lusk (Chair), Nancy Digdon, Katalin Dzinas, Ingrid Farreras